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  1. Hey…

    Down memory lane nga. Para kang high school student dun sa ibang pics even if you’re working already. Just like, I have this ‘dream’ of bringing all my photo albums here. I didn’t take any with me when I came over so it’s all stashed away sa bahay namin.

    Anyway, just hopping here to catch up…

    Musta ang Labor day mo?


    Julianas last blog post..Busy Weekend…

  2. @ juliana

    oo nga, neneng pa nun. I still wound up taking only a few. sa dami ng albums, I didn’t have enough time to go through all of them. hopefully sa next na uwi, I will be able to get them all.

  3. @ Lisa

    I look younger lang. and of course I was only 110 lbs. then on a 5″ 5 1/2″ frame.

    I have no courage wearing my hair as short as that now kasi wala si Jesi Mendez dito. wala pa akong nahanap na kapalit niya kahit very expensive salon pa dito.

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