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  1. As that familiar saying goes – we must avoid judging things by the mere physical 🙂

    Too bad but perhaps, learning how to bake is not such a bad idea 🙂


  2. @ lotusflower

    yes, you are absolutely right.

    baking? I have been leaning towards it anyway. this is what I probably need to take the plan seriously.

  3. too bad it’s already closed.

    on a similar note, there have also been a number of food establishments here, popular ones at that, that have been closed but not because of sanitation but because they were found to reuse their old raw materials (recycling) or use expired ingredients. the owner of said establishments were then asked to make a public apology on national television. not bad, eh?

  4. @ kikamz

    that must have created a big stir on TV and within the community. I wish sanitation would specify the reason what the bakeshop really violated. the announcement posted didn’t indicate such.

    thanks for stopping by.

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