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  1. Hi Tuks…

    Yep, our weekend is once again very wet. The husband got rained on earlier while cutting the grass. It just started pouring which lasted for a couple of hours.

    Anyway, it stopped na but it’s still gloomy so there’s probably more rain later on.

    @expiring tasks..you can do it. Just take it easy. Hopefully you can get back into the groove of things sooner than later.

    Enjoy the weekend.


    Juliana’s last blog post..Of Ice-Cream and Bets…

  2. @ Juliana

    that’s bad, rain all week na dyan. hope you’ll see the sun soon.

    yes, those expiring tasks are partly my fault. in an effort to force myself to get back into the groove, I kept accepting opps. ayan nag-e-expire sila isa-isa. bahala na lang. I realize, my faculties are not yet ready to take the tasks on hand.

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