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  1. yay!! I’m so happy!!wohooo! I did it! I deserve a pat in the back..hahaha! thanks so much sis for that wonderful contest! I loved it and will definitely here again and again :)congratulations also to all the winners!

    my paypal account is;

  2. Hello Juliana,

    I’m so happy that I joined your contest and so elated that I won 3rd place. I will certainly join your future contest/s.

    Just like Rocks, I will also repost this in my blog, syempre so proud ako that I’m one of the winners.

    Btw, may paypal account is:


  3. yiieee.. finally, the results are out πŸ™‚ antay ko sa kabilang site yun pala andito sya :p

    thanks for this opportunity manang πŸ™‚ more contests in the future πŸ˜€

    my paypal is:

    thanks thanks!!! more blessings to you and F

    mari’s last blog post..staying at home

  4. Yay!!! Juliana, I’m so happy that I won the 1st prize. I enjoyed this contest and I really did my best to win the top prize. I will post this in my 4 blogs. BTW, my paypal address is:

    We were not affected by the hurricane here. It happened in south TX and we are here in north TX. Thanks for your concern.

  5. definitely manang πŸ™‚ I won’t miss your next contest… unless nanganganak na ako nun ha :p

    thanks uli. i received it na po…

    mari’s last blog post..staying at home

  6. Thanks for the quick payment. I got it in my Paypal but they deducted $3.20 as service charge kaya di na buong $100, he-he! I wonder why Paypal charged me. They used to charge only if the payment comes from UK. Anyways, thanks a lot. Looking forward for your next contest.

  7. @ Lisa

    wonder what that $3.20 service charge is for. I haven’t gotten that myself. why not ask Paypal what that is for?

  8. I asked Paypal and they told me they charged a fee of 2.90% plus 30 cents so that sums up to $3.20. It’s in their fees section at the bottom of the page. So now I know.

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