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  1. @ eastcoastlife

    I’m used to the heat too, as I came from the Philippines, and I love summers here. I look forward to it. But it’s not the high temperature that gets me, it’s the very high humidity, which if combined with high temps is simply unbearable. And more often than not, when the temps are high here, the humidity level is also high.

    There’s nothing like the heat we’re used to in our tropical countries like yours and mine.


  2. Hello Juliane, It’s been very hot here too, but I love it. I do wish I lived by the ocean though. It’s so nice to beach comb. I make that a priority everytime I visit the ocean. Have a great evening!

  3. We’re in South Texas and it’s HOT and DRY. We’re 10″ below our normal precipitation. We have a high planted directly over us and there is no rain or cooler temps in our forecast for the next week, in fact, by Tuesday they are calling for temps of 102 with heat index near 108.
    The entire world is experiencing some wicked weather!
    Take precautions and stay safe – everyone!!

  4. i posted in my blog about the extreme heat here in ‘Pinas even at night. And then after a hot afternoon suddenly, it will rains. But you can still feel the hot humid in the air.

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  5. @ Mamaflo

    I think it must be even worse over there. We had some relief today, as it’s not as bad as yesterday. Hope it continues to go like this. But then again, it’s not even the summer yet. It’s only the beginning.

    Have a great day!

  6. No heat here, just rain, lots of it. I kinda wouldn’t mind the heat considering this ran is soaking everything so badly.

    On a side note, I just wanted to let you know that you are currently 1 entrecard drop shy of being tied for first in my weekly entrecard drop contest.

    Keep it up and Good Luck!

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