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  1. Hey Tuks…

    My PinayWAHM used to be a blogspot di ba? It still has a PR4 I think…and that’s 5 months of after being converted into my own domain. It’s like they are 2 different blogs.

    Oh well…I guess figuring out how Google’s PR is being computed is a loss cause?

    Juliana’s last blog post..MySpace Hoax….

  2. happy friday… don’t you just love it when its friday?

    sarap magliwaliw..

    by the way, i have a tag for you here
    Japanese Name

    this should make your day. 🙂 its kinda funny..

  3. If I were you, I won’t delete that blog of yours while it still have a PR. Pwede pang pakinabangan so make use of it.

  4. @ Lisa

    I have totally stopped writing on that blog, kasi it’s a duplication of this one. I have transferred all the files written prior to my acquisition of this domain. eventually, I will have to delete it. siguro, I’ll keep it a little longer, as I wrote, to see where the PR goes lalo na because inactive na siya.

  5. Hi juliana. I’m sorry if I wasn’t able to access this new blog of yours for the past couple of months. My browser in the office blocked some websites and the only pages I was able to surf were google, g-mail and blogger (all under Google subsidiary).. thankfully, our server has been revamped and I am now free to browse any site.. it’s so good to be reading your blog again.. 🙂

  6. siguro nga, wait for the PR to go away na lang then delete your blogspot site na.

    or you can let me use it tapos write ako ng opps for you :p, yun nga lang, magtataka sila kasi hindi na consistent ang style… mawawala ang sense sa ibang topics

    mari’s last blog post..safety and security

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