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Leave Your Vehicle And Rent A Car — No Comments

  1. sayang naman manang if nobody uses the cars that you left behind 🙂
    i heard nga that it is worth renting a car since it is way cheaper. at the same time, it is also more convenient since you do not have to hail for a cab whenever you feel like going from one place to another.

  2. @ Mari

    yeah, kasi my brother has his naman and naiwan sa kanila. switch lang ng switch pag coding. remembrance ko kasi yun, mga perks ko when I still worked. over the years, madami na akong nabenta na cars that have been part of my perk on the job. i get to acquire them after 3 years of using.kaya when I was still there, I never had to worry about color coding. nakakatuwa, kasi I don’t want to part with them, at one point nga 3 kotse ko nakatengga, iniipon ko kasi, till I’m forced to sell kasi nawawala na value.

  3. ah oo. my dad has the same perks with work. we used to have new cars din every 3 years when he was still working. the last one that he acquired is still in his garage. sobrang memorable for him that he doesn’t want to sell it, kahit pa ang daming nagtatanong about it.

  4. It’s good for you, you know how to drive. I’m really scared to drive and I just want to sit down and relax and do sight-seeing when I ride the car with hubby.

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