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  1. sobrang mahal manang…
    here, the gasoline is already like P50/liter and it is still expected to increase. prices of the commodities are also increasing but there is still no increase in terms of the employee’s salaries 🙁

    mari’s last blog post..upgrading the units

  2. You’re right, the prices of commodities skyrocketed especially here in PI and it’s affecting the budget especially for moms like me.

    Asabi ngan, there’s no such thing as lowering down prices of good, the only way is UP…tsk…tsk..tsk.

    AiDiSan’s last blog post..Mommies

  3. I’m buying organic fruits, veggies and meat too because they are healthier and free from chemicals, pesticides and antibiotics which are bad for our health. Though they cost more but they’re a lot better and safer to eat.

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