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Flowers That Caught My Roving Eyes — No Comments

  1. point and shoot but mataas pixel nya di ba manang? 8mp ata sabi mo sa isang post mo 🙂

    great pictures pa rin… you have the talent and enthusiasm to be a good photographer.

  2. Your photos are so clear and vivid. You captured them good with your digicam. Mine is just a Nikon coolpix digicam, 6MP. I can’t afford the DSLR.

  3. Those flowers are found also in the Phils. In fact I had anthuriums before and also birds of paradise. That’s the names of those flowers in the pictures.

  4. I’m also using point and shoot camera (sony) my very first digicam. I’m quite happy with it pa naman. 7megapixel lang but it’s ok. I guess to have good pictures you have to have the passion,anyways, are you planning to have a formal lesson in photography?

    rocks’s last blog post..Harvest Moon

  5. @ rocks

    no plans. I am just contented clicking away with my P&S for now. I have no time to spare, besides ang daming pics to scrapbook. I do paper scraps not digital, because I like the texture of paper scrapping. If only God gives me 48 hours in a day, baka pwede pa hahaha.

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