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  1. this is like opening your whole day schedule to everyone… good thing you are busy most times of the day, that you never get bored alone.

    how many years have you been a SAHW na manang?

  2. wow! congratulations 🙂
    am i right to say that you never are not bored with your schedule? i wish you can share info on how to spice up your day besides blogging and daily chores.

  3. @ Mari
    I’ve never been bored with my life as a SAHW. it’s probably because I am now out of the corporate world; now away from the power play, stress and pressures that came with my job.

    there’s nothing much that I can say that I do to spice my routine other than shopping, and planning the next travel destination for us. it takes a lot of prep and planning, more so kasi OC ako. I’m very structured in my ways, blame it on the training that I got from Procter & Gamble. It is now really ingrained on my bones.Kaya travel plans have to be laid out way in advance.

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