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  1. Everyone is allowed to miss home… In fact I would think someone who doesn’t want to come home or at least visit where they came from is abormal or has something to hide!

    Heidi’s last blog post..I Know Him So Well!

  2. folding the laundry is one task i hate the most. that’s why when i am really, really tired already, i just leave them, sometimes they are just piled there for a day or two… there are just those times when i get so fed up with house tasks…tao lang po kce ako. lol

    hailey’s last blog post..Books, Books, I Love Books!

  3. It’s good you put your passports in the bank’s vault. Ours are just here in the house and my passport will be expiring next month.

  4. there’s no place like home… where laundry and folding and other unfinished business are left for the maids to finish 🙂

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