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  1. Hey there Juliana, what I hate even more about boracay these days is the way people have started calling it “bora” as if it were 50% of that Tahitian island. Tsk tsk, whoever started that trend should be shot. Tequila will do.

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  2. @ Bambit

    yeah, a lot of people refer to it as “bora”,maybe thye just want to shorten the name and not fully aware it’s like referring to that Tahitian island. Oh, btw, I would want to see Tahiti someday.

  3. I’ve never been to Boracay but my sister went there in 1997. I watched their video and it’s really beautiful there. My hubby wanted to go there in 2003 but I was too busy working that time. I told him next time.

  4. I don’t know how to swim too but I still love going to the beach and enjoy the waves and the sand. That’s why I miss Phils., the beach is just 45 minutes drive from our house.

  5. even if Boracay is now crowded, i still wanna go there and experience the white sand.

    i’m also dying to see Amanpulo in person but i think it’s a lot expensive there.

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  6. @ AiDiSan

    Amanpulo is so much better than Boracay. You’ll get all your money’s worth. Been there once, it’s heaven kahit mahal, sulit. exclusivity and serene surroundings are only two of the many you’ll be accorded. you should go.

  7. there are other beaches more beautiful than boracay, but still needs to be discovered. boracay is too crowded during summer time so i hope to visit it when there is smaller crowd.

  8. I would love to visit Boracay though it’s not so serene as before, We planned a trip last summer but it didn’t push through, anywyas, have you been to Pagudpud? the beach there is also beautiful!

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  9. @ Rocks

    been to Pagudpud tons of times, and it’s absolutely true that it’s beautiful there.i love the breathtaking views too. my husband actually loves the beach there.

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