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  1. that’s a bad thing to happen, getting an upset stomach because of the food you ate. It happened to my hubby and I when we ate in a Mexican buffet resto a couple years ago. We had a diarrhea. I don’t wanna go back to that resto again.

  2. But I love Vietnamese foods. Hubby and I first ate in a Vietnamese resto in Stockton and the foods were great. Then we had eaten several times in a Vietnamese resto here in Texas and the foods are delicious.

  3. @ Lisa

    I sure do love the food too. That dumpling lang ang mukhang tumama sa akin. I will never go back nor let F take out food from them again, though. dami namang ibang V restos.

  4. i agree with everyone… it has to be the dumpling that you had for your appetizer. you can still go naman if F insists, as long as you stay away from the dumplings.

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