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  1. i’ll take this test and check if i come out with the same result… i window shop muna before purchasing anything. i need to sleep on it before i buy it… in the end, i don’t buy it naman :p

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  2. I don’t go out shopping very often now as I used too when I was working. Everytime there was sale, I always buy something. Now, I just go once in a while.

  3. Or sometimes I go shopping for stuffs that I will send to my family. I think of something to buy for them more than for me.

  4. Hello Juliana, I don’t window shop either. I only go to the stores when I’m going to buy something. I find window shopping boring.

  5. @ Lydia,

    yeah I find it boring too, and waste of time and effort. That’s why when I head out to the mall, I’m really on a mission to buy.

  6. I do everything…buying, window shopping, canvassing and seldom impulse buying, that’s when I go to department store. But it’s different in Supermarket, before going there, I make sure that I list down everything I need to buy

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