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  1. Hubby wants to see Australia too. Maybe someday when God will give us what we’re waiting for, we will go on vacation too in other country.

  2. I wanna go to the land down under too! my sister lived there for two years and actually wants to settle there in the future. She shared to me lots of her memories of the place and I wanna see all of that myself.

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  3. if we could migrate soon, G wants to go there instead of the US and I agree with him…

    if ever you get the chance to visit Australia, take a lot of pictures πŸ™‚

  4. my hubby is now working in middle east, getting me & my kids to settle with him in Qatar is an option but I chose to stay here in PI with the kids. but if the choice is to live with my hubby along with our kids in australia, well, i won’t let the chance slip away.

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  5. We went to Australia back in ’88. Dad treated us…and boy am I glad he did! Gorgeous country. We did a trip-tik through Quantas Airlines once we got there. This took us to different parts of Australia – including Alice Springs, Canberra, Melbourne, the Gold Coast, and various other places. We were able to experience so much that way!!

    Blessings –

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