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  1. I feel sorry for her. She must have been interviewed by a very strict consul or it’s not her time yet to come and visit USA. Better luck next time.

  2. it’s really difficult to understand the basis of the consuls in granting US visa to Filipinos. i think luck has something to do when getting US visa.

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  3. that bit about them embassy receiving “some kind of information stating that her intentions to travel was not to attend any conference but to stay in the US for good” is weird. why, do they give credits to hearsay or i wonder how they get such information? sigh, whatever.

    i attended a lecture once by an embassy vice-consul and she said that those denied applicants must not take it against the interviewer for they just might be having bad day or even had a terrible food at lunch. funny, hehe.

    being denied is soooo frustrating. i was denied twice and i didn’t apply again until i got married (so i was granted the third time). those two times i was really devastated. i remember walking in malate, alone and crying. the second time I was more matured and treated some of my friends to an expensive lunch just to vent (of course later i regret doing that LOL!).

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