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  1. summer… as in summer here in the Philippines. I hate it because this is the season when I experience migraine everyday due to the excessive heat 🙁

  2. It’s really spring here in TX now. Weather is great and it’s in the 70’s this morning. We’re even using the ceiling fan now.

  3. I haven’t started my spring veggie garden yet. I kept postponing and I’m getting lazy. I didn’t plant my seeds yet. Anya ngata ti agas ti sadut?

  4. OT lang ms juliana 🙂

    hahaha… manang lisa, nu masapulam tun iti agas iti sadut, i-pm mo man kanyak… adda met sadsadut ko nu sagpaminsan ket :p

  5. @ Mari & Juliana!

    Ayna, diak masapulan ti agas ti sadut. Sakit ko datoyen uray idi addaak pay diay Pinas. Ngem no dadduma, nagagetak met lalo no blogging ti pagsasaritaan, he-he!

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