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Innovative Workbenches — No Comments

  1. I dream of having a workspace in my dreamhouse so I could really focus when surfing and blogging. I also aim to have ergonomic chair I could use when in front of the computer just like what we have in our office.

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  2. Imbag man ta adda gayam kabsat mo ditoy US. How I wish I have my siblings here too so I will not miss them that much. My hubby have one workbench for himself that the use in his carpentry works.

  3. Reading about workbenches made me remember my laboratory time while I was still in college… those workbenches were ancient! Maybe they’ve modernized our schools’ laboratories now… maybe i’ll pay my alma mater a visit just to see if thing are much better now.

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  4. Umapalak man kanyam Juliana ta adda ditoy US ti kakabsat mo. Mabalin mo la nga apan pasyaren ida ngem siak, mailiwak kadigidiay kakabsat kon. Agpatingga kami laengen a nga agkikita ken agtutungtong idiay webcam. Duma met ti personal.

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