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  1. hi jul! how are you sis? ask ko lang when you transferred this blog to your own domain, hindi nawala ang pr mo? i still have the pop-ups, but i’m still working on it. pero pag di ko talga naalis siguro gayahin na lang kita 😉

    take care and have a blessed friday.

    liza’s last blog post..The Nutritious Blemishes

  2. @ Liza

    I panicked, that’s why I got a domain quick. However, I changed the template of the blogspot and the pop-ups disappeared, kaya parang useless ang domain. Because, when the new layout was in place at blogspot and I was trying to put back the widgets, specifically RANK WIDGET, balik ulit pop ups.Therefore, the culprit was that rank widget. Other bloggers found it on their FEEDJIT, kaya tanggalin mo na lang Feedjit.

    Yes, I lost everything, Alexa and PR. I’m good as starting from scratch.

    Hope those pop ups on your site will disappear soon.

  3. I just watched in the TV when we were out of town one person whose identity was stolen. Somebody used his name and subscribed for cable TV, etc. and it left him with debts. He only found out when he wanted to refinance his home. He can’t refinance it now because he has now a bad credit. He’s from LA and the person who stole his identity was from TX. It’s easy to steal identity especially in the internet. All they need to know is the name, birthday and SS number.

  4. stolen identity is already common daw, especially when you get to use your credit cards sa net. lifelock is good, i hope some insurance companies here in PI can produce something similar too.

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