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  1. My hubby is not vain but he’s fond of perfume & cologne. Before bedtime, he make sure that he wears inexpensive cologne and everytime there’s an occasion like anniversaries, I make it a point I buy him branded perfume as gift.

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  2. Hubby doesn’t care about his skin. In fact he has 3 skin colors, reddish in his face, brown in his arms and white the rest of his body, he-he!

  3. my husband can be vain at times, specially when someone comments on his every growing number of white hair — then he asks me to color his hair for him. I buy products for him like men’s facial cleanser and stuff but unless I volunteer to use it on him, he rarely takes the time to do it on his own.

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  4. I’m not kidding Juliana. My hubby has 3 tone skin color. His face is reddish because he has a Cherokee Indian blood, and brownish in his arms because he’s exposed to the sun and white the rest because he has Irish blood too.

  5. i wish that my husband has a vain ‘vein’ sometimes πŸ™‚ he doesn’t care much… he’s only vain when it comes to his scent (same tayo aidisan), he loves to smell good πŸ™‚

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