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  1. You’re right Juliana, time goes by quick when you’re having fun. We just got back this afternoon from a 4 day vacation and tomorrow will be Thursday already. It’s nice to be away once in a while but there’s no place like home. I miss my blogging world but I did have a good time for a few days away from home.

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  2. you know, i woke up this morning and i thought it was Saturday… maybe it’s because it’s a holiday here today but yes… time really does go by so fast! And not just when you’re having fun, but when you do so much that you lose track of it! hehehe!

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  3. Time flies so fast nowadays whether you’re having fun or not. It’s like a week is only 3 days. Kids are on vacation from school, but after a few blinks, it’s enrollment again..hayyyy!!!

    AiDiSan’s last blog post..SCTex is now open

  4. i agree! it seems that everything is moving fast forward these days. 24 hours is not enough anymore, especially when you start being busy.

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