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  1. I can’t believe I had the whole day to myself today yet, I was not able to accomplish everything I set out to do.

    I can understand how that feels. There many many times when my Darling (wife to be, hopefully) is out for dinner with her colleagues and I have the whole evening to myself.

    Yet I found myself not accomplishing much. -_-

    As you very well know, I’m still in the “catch up” mode with getting my chores done. I’m just thankful I have these days, for now, so I can at least catch up on chores that’s waiting to be accomplished.

    Well, I leave the house hold chores to the maid. :p

    But for myself, I have many outstanding things to be completed! Referring to my blogging thingies heheh. Piling up like a mountain now! Gah!

    No matter how long a day is, there’s just not enough hours in the day.

    I finally realized this when I started to blog actively and regularly.

    24 hours a day is just not enough! O_O

    I’m so used to my daily routine when all the chores can be done one chore per day. Everything was done leisurely and at my usual pace. That’s not just feasible for now. I got “other duties” to fulfill. I’m thankful, my husband understands the situation.

    What “other duties” would those be? :p

    Good for you for having an understanding hubby.

    How I hope my Darling would be a little bit more understanding. -_-

    Meantime, I have to do the best juggling act that I can muster.

    That is what my “boss” at my previous company used to tell us – “You need to manage your time well!” blah blah blah …

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  2. @ Deimos

    So, I’m not the only one with this predicament. Good for you there are house maids readily available. I was used to that to when I was still home in the Philippines, unluckily they’re not that easy to come by here, only if you’re willing to part with $35/hour. I’m home anyway. My other duties? This is temporary for now, my friend is in the hospice, so I help out the husband.The drive is a good 2 hours from home each way.

    Time management is key. It’s tough, but gotta do it for now.

  3. I always have the whole day for myself too when hubby is at work. I can do anything I want to do but I have to cook my hubby’s lunch because he comes home to eat. After that, I can blog to my heart’s delight and do chores in between like doing the laundry and cleaning. That’s life here in the US, boring. Awan pay kaaruba nga umay bumisita, awan makatungtong isu nga computer ti asikasuen.

  4. Hi Juliana,

    You are certainly making sense.

    In my case, as working mom, I have to accomplish things I have to do during my days off that includes household chores and quality time to spend with my kids. I try to avoid procrastination.

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