Pop Ups? — No Comments

  1. Hi Juliana! The exact same thing happened to me yesterday… The weird thing is once the pop-ups gets blocked there are these pop-unders naman that I can’t seem to get rid of!

  2. hi juliana! yeah, pansin ko nga when i visited today. i opened your blogs, and left thenopen until am done reading…and then one of my tabs was redirected to about 6 sites that isn’t yours. weird. i’ll check mine out. there’s also a pop-out when i clicked the comments…

  3. I find it weird too. Akala ko naligaw ako. Anyway, check on your html codes. I have my personal blog on blogspot, so far wala pa naman problem. -glitch

  4. this is really weird there are even nasty pop ups too. was wondering what was happening.

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