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  1. It’s happening on a lot of blogs.. I’m sorry but I don’t know why or how to fix it but I suggest you go to the Blogger Forum maybe they will help…


  2. there are indeed a number of pop-ups on your page. one offers free ringtone, another is a game and one more on payupop (something like that). you are not alone on this problem, i also opened several sites experiencing this… you might want to send a ticket to blogger 🙂

  3. If you figure out how to stop the pop-unders, could you please let me know? I got the same problem.

  4. That’s what i noticed too when i open blogs. when i open mines it doesn’t have.

  5. Blogger blogs seem to have the same problem. I did not get any pop ups from your blog right now.

    They hacked my feedjit and my counter codes. I deleted them and pop ups went away.

  6. Have you tried blocking pop-ups? If you’re using Mozilla you can try going to the options on your menu and put a check the block pop-up windows.
    I didn’t have any pop-ups naman when I opened your site. Try mo rin, it might help.

  7. hello everyone

    guess, you know what was done to bring this blog to it’s sanity. new layout! thanks for all your concern.

  8. Hello. I supposed, everything is ok now. hehehe… Please don’t forget to change your password -glitch

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