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Something Weird — No Comments

  1. I guess I’m not very imaginative today… All I thought of was that it’s BREAD with a weird shape, hehehe!

  2. Looks weird and scary too, I don’t have an idea what is that thing, sorry, can’t even guess it.

  3. The shape of that thing looks like a big bird… I’m not really sure what is it. Sirit na…

  4. @ to everyone

    IT’S A BREAD!!! Heidi was right. It’s a Georgian bread. Hubby found this Georgian(the European country) bakery in the neighborhood. It’s weird looking but it’s delicious. The demand for this bread is very high that they run out of it all the time. You have to wait for the next batch of freshly baked ones.

  5. hey, I keep coming back to this post to see if you’ve already divulged what the thing in the picture is… at least now I can sleep at night not thinking about it anymore, hehehe!

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