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  1. I on the other hand, take the skin off of the apple before eating it, hehehe! I don’t hypertension but I have always been on the “plump” side instead of “skinny”! *sigh*

  2. Hello Juliana,

    Nowadays, even if your skinny, it’s no longer a surprise if you have hypertension.

    It’s a known fact that fruits like apple make us healthy but we prefer to eat unhealthy food such us meat/pork that deteriorates our health problem.

    Hayyy, why is it so hard to stick with balance diet? Does it have something to do with discipline or just trying to enjoy life by eating whatever can make us happy?

  3. i should share my apples with you… just like heidi, i also don’t eat the skin πŸ™‚
    hypertension does run in the genes. no matter how careful you are, it will still come out. so its better to enjoy what you like doing πŸ™‚ …sorry konsintedora ako :p

  4. I must pay more attention on my health like doing a medical check up. Both of my parents have high blood pressure.

  5. Oh yeah, I heard that apples especially green apples are very good to prevent breast cancer.

  6. It really isn’t that hard to let go of a lot of red meat. Eat lots of chicken, turkey, and fish instead. It doesn’t have to be organic. Red meat is expensive. Save the red meat for when you go out to eat.

  7. I had terribly high BP a few years ago.. 160/110

    I was on the conraceptive pill.. within 3 months of coming off, it was down to around 125/72 (average)

    I was so relieved!

  8. I do love apples πŸ™‚

    Sis I only have high bp after i gave birth but only for 5 days. and then it went back to normal.

    just take care sis.

  9. love apples! skinless or not. πŸ™‚

    am currently watching my weight because my OB tells me so. Am glad i do, because i feel less bloated. and i think am being good with what i eat because my parents are both hypertensive and high on uric acid. it’s never too early to be careful.

    hey sis, take lotsa care huh?

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