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Win $Cash In July — 28 Comments

  1. Juliana I already made my entry for this contest yey! It’s gonna be fun and exciting….

  2. wow… count me in!!! I’ll make a post later in my two blogs… I’ll inform you if I have it posted already. this is so much fun 🙂

  3. Hi again,

    Yes just to tell you one more time that I did post your invite in my blog.

    Galing naman. Sana manalo ako.

    Thanks and Cheers!

  4. ahem!!!
    gandang pakulo talaga ito ha…
    pareho kasi tayo july of last year din ako nagsimula. kaya eto, na-i-link ko na itong contest mo sa post ko. dito sa rare ordinarythoughts na blog ko. hehe…

  5. Well, this is a nice idea you have. Thank you for inviting me over to join in the contest. I guessm the visitor who visits often and comments here would win it. I’ll see if I can keep up…LOL. Okay, till here, kind regards. I am glad I am invited, I could use a few dollars since I am a shopaholic. I might make an entry about your contest then.

  6. Cool! I just left comments on two posts before this one. Shucks, wasted! (hehe just kidding)
    Ok, I will join. 🙂

  7. @ megamom, ana, dyosa, claire, recel,

    thanks for your interest. I’ll look forward to seeing you more

  8. @ malditang pinay, mari, bless, and lotus flower

    your posts are validated. you just earned your “big points”.

  9. @ bonoriau

    thanks so much for joining. you earned 20 points for linking. an additional 5 points is also credited for guessing my age.

    please visit my other blog Juliana’s Lair, for contest updates every two weeks.


  10. @ bonoriau

    oh, by the way, you get 5 points only because you only guessed my age and didn’t include your guess on my husband’s age. please refer to the contest mechanics.


  11. Okay, I posted the link, I posted your rules above…and now I have to figure out where to guess your age.

    I’m not good at this!!!

    Blessings and Happy (almost) 1st Anniversary!!

    Camille’s last blog post..…for Wining $Cash In July

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