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  1. Hello Julliane, You are soooooooo lucky. I gain wieght very easy. I was heavy as a child. I guess it was my italian mom feeding me all the time. As a teen I lost it all and kept it off until my two babies, then lost it all again. Boy! was that tough. I do keep it off well. There is no way in the world I was ever able to eat what I wanted and still look thin. I also have to exercise 5 to 6 times a week for at least 40 minutes. My hubby is like you, he eats everything and doesn’t gain a pound. At night he’ll be snacking on chips and I’ll be next to him eating a grapefruit. It’s funny, we laugh about it.

  2. Juliana,
    I can only afford to lose 5 pounds.

    Just want you to know that it took a long time for your right column to download.

  3. Hey Juliana, This is my first time to visit THIS blog although I am a frequent visitor of your two other blogs, so I only have just read about this revolutionary diet program… Thanks for posting it as I am always attempting to lose weight! Hope this works (well, actually, I hope discipline myself and follow the program!)

  4. Same here sis I don’t easily gain weight that is why i haven’t really enroll or try any diet program. i just make sure i eat healthy foods.

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