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  1. Hi Tukayo,

    Salamat sa dalaw. Whew…I finished what I had to finish at 4 PM already…grabe…my back is sore, my legs are sore, etc etc..enuf whining na nga.

    I tried to leave a message sa tag board but it looks like may problema ang cbox. Mine is also having some topak…

    I’m heading to bed early tonight kasi I’ve been puyat for the last few days…hay buhay.


  2. wow! ganda naman..Hi Jul! I have an award for you in my new site… The Creativity In Me..just visit me there..salamat sa comment ha

  3. wow ang ganda naman ng plan nyo! ako naman nangangailangan ng new glasses pero mahirap ang panahon ngayon! lol

    happy new year dyan!

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