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  1. vegetarian food is good and a bit of fish for protein supplement….honestly, I am a Pesco vege and is still appreciating fish…for protein that you won’t find to any vegetables…

  2. Is that ampalaya at the bottom? I just had that 2 days ago I think. I went to the Phil store during the weekend and I saw them there so I just had to get them…and to answer your question [if they are indeed ampalaya], I won’t even try make it for my husband. He likes his food just the way it is…hehe


  3. Hubby loves Filipino food. He likes the grilled salmon and potatoes. I cook rice every single day πŸ™‚ I can’t live without it so hubby eats it too.

  4. Juliana,
    Are you Ilocana? I definitely recognize this dish, hehehe, a not so nice sounding name. People will think I am cussing if I say it here. That is definitely paria with some egg and kamatis: an Ilocano staple.
    Among other things, I also spent some time living in NYC. I believe that we may actually have more in common than you think. πŸ™‚
    I feel that this will be the beginning of a great friendship. Thanks for dropping by my blog. Now that I’ve seen yours, I too, am hooked. Will link you up on my blogroll, if you don’t mind.

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