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  1. Alam mo tukayo, you can really put this ‘going to bed late, very very late’ into good use this Friday…ya know..Black Friday? I’m sure you’ll be first in line…hehe..imagine all the good deals you’ll get.

    Anyway, I hope the Alka-Seltzer kicks your cold in the bee-hind…Thanksgiving won’t be fun if you’re not feeling well…

    Btw, bilib naman ako sa ‘yo kasi you’re going to tackle a 12-lb turkey for Thanksgiving. Ako, I only tried once and I never tried again. Puro chicken lang ang kaya kong i roast. Anyway, we’ve been doing seafoods since ayoko ng gawin ang turkey. Sometimes we try the ham…

    Ang haba ng msg ko….anyway, goodluck sa iyong thanksgiving preps…enjoy the experience my friend.

    Ingat lagi…


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