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  1. Hey Tukayo..di ba gising ka pa [hindi ‘gising na’ ha] when the stores open on Black Friday? Hehe…joke joke joke…

    Just like you, I have not even attempted to brave the crowd this day brings. Ako pa eh wala pa namang hilig mamili..

    Happy Thanksgiving na nga..kami din we’re staying home. We used to go to my Sis in law’s house but we decided to start spending it with just the 3 of us a couple of yrs ago. My little one is always excited pag merong celebration dito sa bahay namin eh kaming 3 lang naman…

    Ingat lagi

  2. oo nga, gising pa ako by that time.

    yeah, it’s more peaceful this way, staying home on that day.

    happy thanksgiving din.


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