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Snacks at 4:00 p.m. — No Comments

  1. Hey Juliana!

    How are you? My name is Max, and I found you through “Why we blog” list :).

    So, you recently moved in to NY, ey?
    I heard that 4pm is the usual time for dinner there, is it true? 4pm is tea time for us here (I’m in Portugal, by the way)!

    If it was yummy, no you can’t complain lol…



  2. hi max!

    thanks for the visit. no, been here for almost 9 years and 4 p.m. is not our udual dinner time, that was just my “in-between meal”.


  3. sarap! reading your post made me hungry. i miss dried fish from pinas. buti ala pang kasamang picture! =D

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