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  1. happy weekend sis…

    and you know, honestly, i’ve always wondered how pumpkin pie tastes like…but i doubt i’d ever even attempt to taste one πŸ˜€ sobrang am not an adventurous eater πŸ˜€

  2. hey mec, believe me, i was also leary at first. they sure don’t taste like a regular pumpkin. why not try one sometime?


  3. Hi, your site looks nice, pictures too. I would like also to start my own blog as I’m retired and now has time. My honey’s name is also Frank.
    I’m not a techie at all. I signed up with Blogger.com today. May I ask you to help me please lang.
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  4. hi thel!
    thanks for dropping by and the kind words about my blog.

    i’d certainly be willing to help the best way I can. i must warn you though, I’m no techie, and i just found my way around by myself to put up this blog.

    let me know what difficulties you have and let’s start from there.


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