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  1. I wish I have variety for hubby and my little one. I am trying everyday to come up with something they like. I am trying to be a good cook LOL.
    I love meatballs too!

  2. being a good cook or knowing how to cook will come naturally over time, shabem. there’ll come a time when you won’t even want to flip a recipe book anymore and you’ll just do it the way you feel like it.

    i guess, the key here is, the desire to learn and wanting to equip oneself.

    also equip your kitchen with the basics and all the seasonings and herbs you like and for sure, you’re up and running.


  3. The food makes me hungry Juliana. 🙂 I love cooking just like you but i don’t have time as i work outside the home. I love weekend because ican whip out something special for the whole family.

    You’re husband is very blessed to have a good cook in you.


  4. lucel, share your recipes naman.im very much interested to try this here at home plsssssssssssssssss

  5. hey ladies! nahiya naman ako. don’t get me wrong, I only have one customer here, of course – my husband, and he will always say I’m a good cook. syempre ayaw niya magutom.

    really, it’s just my willingness to learn and put my effort into cooking and getting the basic equipments that keep my kitchen running efficiently.

    you’ll get there. just spare the time.


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