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  1. Oh no, she got pregnant?? It’s so sad :(…That’s really painful for her and she’s indeed one strong woman…I hope she’ll be able to stay stronger each day.

  2. Snagged the Pink penguin…and I let it stay in my blogs…hopefully, we’ll be able to help in our own little way…

    I can’t even imagine what your friend had gone through and is going through right now. I can only pray that she stays strong and wins this battle.

    Wow..you go every six months for sono and mammo? I’ll keep you in my thoughts and prayers as well.

    Take Care…


  3. thanks juliana. your concern is very much appreciated.

    glad you snagged the pink penguin. let’s spread the word.


  4. hey! snatched this little guy! thanks for passing it through. I am really sad to those who have this decease:(

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