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  1. good to hear everything is well with your check-up…

    that cassava cake really looks yummy…

    have a nice weekend =)

  2. awww! can i have some of that cassava cake u have? that’s just looks sooooo yummy! not to mention that’s my favorite! haven’t baed one since i got here. still looking for the ingredients. where do u buy it there? maybe i can have a hint of where to find it here! 😀 sarap talaga!!!

    have a great weekend!

  3. hello recel!
    why don’t you try cheking out the ingredients in an oriental store? i get the frozen grated cassava(phil. made) and the coconut milk(in a can)from a chinese supermarket, not far from where we live.

    you might get lucky and find the ingredients finally.

    and yeah, it was good and my husband loves it. i make it once in a while kaya i always make sure i have a steady supply of the ingredients.


  4. I finally had cassava awhile ago. A pinay friend invited me over for her son’s b-day party. So talagang dinamihan ko nang kain hehehe…
    I am not a good cook basta mga ganyan kaya mag dusa ako rito.

  5. juliana, my husband loves cassava cake but i couldn’t find the frozen grated cassave here, been looking for it since my friend lani sent me her yummy cassava. favorite ko din yan! ingat ka palagi!

  6. hey ladies, cassava cake is so easy to make. no grating needed. just get the frozen grated cassava. try baking one sometime.


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