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  1. thanks for this halloween treat. i sure don’t celebrate halloween but i’d love to accept this award heartilly. …and, i would like to thank swithart for consistently bearing w/ me, Triz for giving me some extra time here in the net, my friends for laughing out loud w/ me, etc., etc., etc.,! ahah?! i’m sorry… pinag-prakttisan o ito sa award ko this coming oscars! 😀 nangarap ba?! haha!

    have a great weekend to you!
    see u around!

  2. recel, ako din, i’m not fund of halloween. but i guess it’s fun because i did do the trick & treat thing one time about 8 years ago with my pamangkins. kakatuwa. but now, i don’t even open the door when the buzzer goes off. why do they bother buzzing, di ko alam. our place is not decorated for sure.


  3. Thanks for this treat. I thought I left a message a couple of days ago to thank you. I guess it didn’ go through.
    Anyway, thanks again…it’s really ‘sweet’ of you to pass this on to me….

    Take care…

    Juliana Din

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