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  1. hello day thanks for answering:) as for your question

    “I asked the same thing when the first time I sneezed and my hubby’s mom told me that, i thought that was weird!!lol so i still have nowhy lol idea

  2. they usually say God Bless You when you sneeze because your blood vessel stops beating for a millisecond when you sneeze… i just read that from a trivia book.. i forgot the title of the book.. hope that helps, a little.. πŸ™‚

  3. “Why is it that when someone sneeze, the person close by almost always say: “God bless you” “

    eto naman ang sakin… basa.. πŸ™‚

    claire is maybe right… but i read from somewhere that when you sneeze, your soul leaves your body in for a millisec and then comes back.. we then say, God bless you, coz you got your soul back..

  4. I’ll try to answer:

    because when you sneeze, the virus/bacteria that supposed to go inside your body is thrown away
    that means God protect you from getting a sickness

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