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  1. I love your views, very pretty! The apartment/condo looks very nice too! What is in that large frame to the left of the chair? It appears to be something very interesting.

  2. Hi Lynne!
    Thanks. That large frame is the skirt of my wedding gown. I had it framed through the insistence of my Designer. I originally wanted to send it to a gown preservation company to preserve it the right way, but I’m aware of a lot of horror stories about gowns missing and sent back to the owner in a sealed box. The gown is too precious(has swarovski crystals)to me. It costs a lot to have it framed but I like the way it looks and it’s always a conversation piece when we have guests. The tops, I didn’t have it framed yet. It’s soooo heavy because there’s a lot more crystals and beads.

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